What is Thanks for nothing ?

is a philanthropic platform that gathers actors of the art world, companies and civil society to promote civic and sustainable development projects across the world.

was created in a global context of major advances but also important fractures: the increasing of social and economic inequalities, the political and territorial tensions. We must mobilise ourselves to build a more fair and fraternal world.

creates echoes between artistic creation and its actions.
Just like art, we are multiple;
we don’t establish a hierarchy between the causes we defend;
we don’t have borders;
we aim every social category, each territory and each society;
we reinvent ourselves to understand the world in a different way.

sees art first and foremost as a vector of citizenship. Art helps strengthening the ties in between the personal and the public sphere. Art conveys a sensible approach of the world, which leads to intercultural dialogues.

brings together the art world and the voluntary sector engaged in sustainable development.

mobilises the art community to contribute to the improvement of the society. Artists, collectors, curators, thinkers, gallerists, museums and international manifestations represent this vibrant community.

takes concrete actions in three areas: sustainable development for social progress, environmental preservation and the strengthening of human rights, stability and education.

organises every year a major event gathering the payers and leading figures of the art world. This event seeks a vast audience, while at the same time increasing public awareness of social, environmental and development issues through artistic creation.

produces cultural events that can take the form of an exhibition, a festival, a program of encounters and discussions, or any other form that could be imagined with the partner location. Each time, we are committed to conveive events according to the reality of the ground. At the source of an intensive exchange, our action seeks to be as flexible as possible, with the guiding principle that art is the vehicle of our poetic ambition. Each project is designed together with the artists, the partner location and the promoted charities.

works in close collaboration with charities and active NGOs on the field. They are part of the project as of the initial stage of reflection, first as designer and finally as beneficiary. They help us understand, through in-depth discussion, their way of functioning, the daily reality of the causes they defend and their specific needs. Thereby, we can design together the ideal project with maximum impact for their actions within their capacities. We support these charities on long-term projects.

Everyone, from actors of the art world, to business or civil society can make his voice matter.

Who are we ?

Director of Thanks for Nothing

In 2016, Bethsabée has been appointed by Bettencourt Schueller Foundation as associate curator of Jean de Loisy for the exhibition Double JE, handcraft masters and artists at Palais de Tokyo. From 2015 to 2016 she had worked at Palais de Tokyo as production manager for more than six exhibitions and artistic projects (Korakrit Arunanondchai, Patrick Neu, Lasco project….). In parallel, she curated a series exhibitions including Beyond 1.1 at Tanja Grunert Gallery in New York. In 2014, Bethsabée joined FIAC organization and worked in the department of the exhibitor’s relations for the 2014 edition. During her studies, she worked with different nonprofit organizations such as Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Watermill Foundation (New York) and Positive Planet (Paris and New York). From 2010 to 2011, Betshabée worked for Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois gallery where she organized fairs and outdoor exhibitions. Bethsabée lives and works in Paris, France.

Co-Founder of Thanks for Nothing
Director of Programming and Cultural Development at FIAC

Since 2010, Blanche has developed and managed the “Hors les Murs” program, including exhibitions of works in the Tuileries Garden, the National Museum of Natural History, the Berges de Seine, the Place Vendôme and, more recently, the Petit Palais or the Maison de la Radio. Nearly sixty artworks are installed in the public space every year, open and free of access to all. As part of the artistic programs of FIAC, she also runs a program of performances, dance, artists’ films and conferences in collaboration with major Parisian institutions such as the Musée du Louvre, the Palais de la Découverte, or the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She also curated the performance programme “À Rebours” at the Silencio and “L’Eveil du Printemps” for the Toulouse International Festival, le Printemps de Septembre. Blanche lives and works in Paris, France.

Development Director of Thanks for Nothing
Patrons’ Program Manager at Museum of Modern Art of Paris

Since 2015, Anaïs manages the patrons’ program of the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. She is in charge of the development of individual sponsorships of the museum and partnerships of the Friends Society with institutions and collectors, both nationally and internationally. In 2014, she joined the Galerie Max Hetzler and coordinated their launch in France, from the opening of the gallery to the production of exhibitions and sales. In 2012, she assisted Marie-Laure Bernadac and Pauline Guelaud in the contemporary art department of the Musée du Louvre and worked on the exhibitions’ production from 2012 to 2015, most particularly on Michelangelo Pistoletto’s exhibition in 2013. In parallel, Anaïs was involved in different nonprofit cultural organisations as L’Envolée Bleue and OArt, supporting students in building artistic events in Paris. She had developed strong relationships within the cityhall of Paris and founded a public art gallery where she exhibited works of very young artists, such as the students of L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris (Atelier Tayou). Anaïs lives and works in Paris, France.

Co-Founder and President of Thanks for Nothing

From 2015 to 2018, Marine has been Director of the Gallery Chantal Crousel, overseeing the strategic development of the gallery and managing the relationships and sales to institutions and collectors. From 2012 to 2015, Marine was Director of the VIP and Institutional Relations at FIAC. For 3 years, she developed the entire program for VIPs, in partnership with 200 institutions, foundations and international private collections. From 2009 to 2012, she was Responsible for Public Relations and Sponsorship at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. She notably put in place the fundraising activities and coordinated the official inauguration of the site, the first major cultural institution to be delocalised in France. In 2008, she was appointed Assistant Curator by Robert Fitzpatrick, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and analysed the structures of American cultural institutions. Marine lives and works in Paris, France.

Co-founder of Thanks for Nothing
Director of the Zurich Art Weekend
Co-founder of Startup Lions

Charlotte is currently leading the development and launch of the Zurich Art Weekend. This major cultural event, initiated and organised in collaboration with the most important museums, art centres, and galleries of Zurich, will take place from June 8th until June 10th 2018, the weekend preceding the opening of Art Basel. In 2015, Charlotte co-founded a social impact-focused venture in Turkana (Kenya), one of the poorest and most remote region of East Africa. It encompasses Learning Lions, a nonprofit coding school, Digital Lions, a fairtrade IT-outsourcing agency and Startups Lions, a social incubator for digital startups. Thanks to her engagement on the ground, she developped a first-hand knowledge of sustainable development challenges. She previously worked for 5 years as director of research and exhibitions & external relations manager at Blondeau & Cie, Geneva. This advisory office in impressionist, modern and contemporary art sources historical masterpieces for museums and major collections. Charlotte lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our first ACTION in 2107

Friday April, 20th 2018. 2.30pm – 8.00pm

© Thomas Hirschhorn

On Friday, April 20, Thanks for Nothing and Sciences Po will be holding a conference on Art and Philanthropy.
Why? To showcase innovative, inspired and inspiring practices of committed actors in the art world, civil society, and associative world, during five one-hour panels.

The event is free and available to everyone.


2:30pm : introduction by Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po

Olivia Arthur – Photograph, Magnum agency
Amar Bakshi – Artist and Founder of Shared Studios
Judith Depaule – Founder and director of L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil
Dominique de Font-Réaulx – Director of the Delacroix Museum and Chief Curator at the Louvre Museum
Thomas Hirschhorn – Artist (Chantal Crousel gallery)
Thomas Kilpper – Artist (Nagel Draxler gallery)
Mohamed Nour Wana, Writer and poet, Atelier des artistes en exil
Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez – Curator and Art historian
Céline Schmitt – Spokeswoman at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees / UNHCR
Bill Shipsey – President and cofounder of Art for Amnesty
Marie-Cécile Zinsou – President and Founder of the Zinsou Foundation

Become a partner

THANKS FOR NOTHING wants to collaborate with you, donors and patrons who share the same values and believe in the power of the artistic creation to encourage citizen involvement.

We build strong links with you in a true logic of dialogue, encounters and content development. We want to build long-term partnerships based on trust.

You, donors and patrons, benefit from tax advantages thanks to the structure of THANKS FOR NOTHING.

You will also benefit from visibility on all our communication supports and get invitations to the events we organise (auctions, exhibitions, meetings with artists …).

To put you at the heart of our action, we involve you in the realisation of the projects in a simple and playful way. Depending on the level of collaboration, we put our expertise in dialogue with yours in order to realise artistic projects that can take place in your spaces, headquarters …

Each collaboration is unique and we work with you to forge a partnership that is tailored to your philanthropic endeavours.

from € 15,000

from € 50,000

from € 100,000

from € 200,000

The Endowment Funds were created in February 2009 in order to offer an innovative vehicle for patronage on major development projects. They combine the advantages of solidity and transparency of a foundation with those of simplicity and proximity of an association. This structure makes it possible to use all the tax exemption measures put in place by the legislators.

You benefit from the law of 23 July 1987 amended by the “Aillagon Law” of August 2003, and therefore a reduction of the corporate tax equal to 60% of the amount paid and up to 0.5% of the sales revenue with the possibility of deferring the surplus over the next five years.

You benefit from the “Aillagon Law” of August 2003 offering an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount paid and up to 20% of the taxable income, with the possibility of deferring the surplus over the next 5 years.

You also benefit from tax exemption on income tax but you can also deduct your donation from the ISF subject to a “temporary donation of the usufruct of a property”. Usufruct is the transfer of the enjoyment of property from one owner to another.

You give € 200,000, your donation costs € 80,000 net after tax exemption
• You give € 100,000, your donation costs € 40,000 net after tax exemption
• You give € 50,000, your donation costs € 20,000 net after tax exemption

You give € 200,000, your donation costs € 68,000 net after tax exemption
• You give € 100,000, your donation costs € 34,000 net after tax exemption
• You give € 50,000, your donation costs € 17,500 net after tax exemption

An individual with a patrimony of € 1.5M gives the usufruct of a property corresponding to € 750,000. He pays the income of the property (3%) to the Endowment Fund, ie € 22,500 per year:
• IR: 66% of the donation is deducted from income tax: the actual cost of the donation will be € 7,650.
• ISF: the donor can exclude entirely the property from which he has given usufruct of his patrimony subject to the ISF.
Its declared assets would thus be only € 750,000, and therefore not taxable to the ISF.