Founded in 2017, Thanks for Nothing is an organization that brings together artists and actors of the art world to develop artistic and solidarity-driven projects with a major impact on society.

Consistently, Thanks for Nothing projects adopt the name of an artwork by an artist
mobilized to support the chosen cause. The very name Thanks for Nothing pays homage to
the artist John Giorno and his eponymous poem.

Today, Thanks for Nothing represents

people affected on the total of our events

euros raised to support nonprofits

books and 3500 musical instruments collected in one night

internationally renowned artists mobilized

nonprofits supported

Training centers and priority education programs supported

partner cultural institutions

patrons who already trust us


national and international press coverage

Tomorrow, Thanks for Nothing will confirm its role as a major player in art and solidarity iniatives with La Collective; its project has been designated the winner of the City of Paris’ tender for the former Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital’s Denfert Façade (75014).

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