Art & Social Commitment Month 2023

From Wednesday, May 3rd until Friday, October 30, 2023

At the Auditorium du Musée du Louvre and in over 50 galleries and cultural institutions in Paris and greater Paris.

Art and Social Commitment Symposium / Week 2021

Off-beat intentionality © Anri Sala

27th of September, 4th of October 2021

And throughout the week from September 28th to October 3.

To mark Thanks for Nothing 6th anniversary, and following the success of previous editions of the Art & Social Commitment Week, Thanks for Nothing is stepping up the project and launching the Art & Social Commitment Month.

This entire month dedicated to Art & Social Commitment kicked off on Wednesday, May 3rd, with our Symposium on the Living at the Louvre Auditorium.
Over 40 committed personalities as well as young environmentally committed people spoke on the Louvre Auditorium stage to an audience of over 350 people.

The program continues with more than 50 educational visits to partner galleries and cultural institutions in Paris and Greater Paris. These tours are aimed primarily at schoolchildren, students and nonprofits.

The Art & Social Commitment Symposium and Month 2023
were organized thanks to the valuable support of: