SAM Art Projects and Thanks for Nothing are launching a new residency program designed as a prelude to La Collective.

Efe Godoy, first artist invited by Sandra Hegedüs

From Monday, March 4th to Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Residency : from March 4th to June 2nd
Exhibition : from April 25th to June 15th at Drawing Lab, 17 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris

Thanks for Nothing initiates its first residency program. With the support of SAM Art Projects, a Nonprofit founded by Sandra Hegedüs, Thanks for Nothing welcomes Brazilian artist, Efe Godoy, for her first international residency.

Featured in April 2024 at Drawing Lab, partner of the program, Efe Godoy will also be involved in a solidarity driven initiative through the organization of a participative workshop conducted in collaboration with Maurice Ripoche Preschool, located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. The workshop will give light to a permanent Artwork in the public space.

What is the impact ?
  • A 3-month residency in Paris with 1 accommodation and 1 studio
  • A tailored support for the artist with the organization of 20 professional meetings during their stay with figures from the art world: gallery owners, critics, art collectors…
  • A 2-month solo exhibition at Drawing Lab showcasing more than 150 works produced by the artist during the residency
  • Nearly 2,000 visitors at the exhibition
  • A complete solidarity initiative for the children of Maurice Ripoche Preschool (14th arrondissement of Paris) with a three-part program: preparation for meeting the artist, visit to the exhibition, and a co-creation workshop
  • 3 in situ artwork