Asia Now 2021

Programming on the socially committed Asian art scene

Sights to listen © Rojin Shafiei

Friday, October 22nd, 2021


At the invitation of ASIA NOW, Thanks for Nothing is organized 4 panels that highlight the committed practices of the Asian art scene.

The speakers wished to raise awareness among the general public on themes and current events that affect our societies, in order to give the keys to new forms of commitment.

Aiming to deepen the understanding of the cultures of different regions of Asia, they questioned the historical and geographical approaches, putting forward the curatorial practices and the social commitment of actors of the art world.


Kubra Khademi
A Woman with Red Words & her head, 2020
Courtesyof the artist and of the gallery Eric Mouchet

Panel n°1:
Nature challenged by capitalism as a source of creation
11AM – In French


  • Kathy Alliou, Head of the Fine Arts Departement of Beaux-Arts de Paris
  • Nicolas Bourriaud, Curator, writer, art critic and theorist
  • Natsuko Uchino, Artist
  • My-Lan Hoang Thuy, Artist
  • Moderator: Victoria Jonathan, Doors Agency

This panel shed light on the 2 special projects of ASIA NOW 2021:
Making World Exists, curated by Kathy Alliou et Shun, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud

Panel n°2:
Focus on the crisis in Afghanistan
2PM – In French and in English

This panel gave voice to the artists and personalities who alerted civil society on the situation of culture in Afghanistan following the arrival to power of the Taliban in August 2021.


  • Guilda Chahverdi, Franco-Iranian actress and director, curator of the exhibition Kharmohra, Afghanistan at the rish of art, MuCEM, Marseille, 2019-2020
  • Maria-Carmela Mini, Founder and Artistic Director, Latitudes Contemporaines
  • Kubra Khademi, Artist

Panel n°3:
Focus on the Iranian art scene
4PM – In French and in English

With the artists:

  • Elika Hedayat, Rojin Shafiei, Melika Shafahi, Shiva Khosravi, Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi
  • Moderator: Odile Burluraux, curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris,
    Curator of the exhibition BURNING WINGS for ASIA NOW

Panel n°4:
Focus on Asian art initiatives with high social impact
6PM – In English
Pre-recorded session in English, broadcast on screen on the fair’s site


  • Ilaria Conti, Independant curator,
    notably of Cosmopolis, Centre Pompidou, 2017-2019
  • Mari Spirito, Curator, Founder of Protocinema, Istanbul
  • Yang Yeung, Independant curator, Founder of soundpocket, Hong-Kong