“Cahiers Engagés E.Leclerc” in support of the Fondation Engagement Médias Jeunes

September 2022



Leclerc, in collaboration with Thanks for Nothing, launches the “Cahiers Engagés E.Leclerc”, to support the Fondation Engagement Médias pour les Jeunes.

This solidarity initiative, which reflects the Foundation’s missions, aims to support equal opportunity, the fight against dropping out of school and the development of written and oral expression among young people.

On Fondation Engagement Médias pour les Jeunes‘ initiative, the profits from the sale of the “Cahiers Engagés” will contribute to the financing of 32 associations and projects in favor of young people aged 14-34 in fragile situations, that promote oral and written expression, eloquence and confidence teaching.

This year, the first edition of the notebooks is illustrated with the original artwork La France Amoureuse. It was specially designed for the release of the “Cahiers Engagés” by the artist Annette Messager, represented by Marian Goodman Gallery.

Since September 2022, more than 450,000 notebooks were published. The initiative continued in January 2023, with the reissue of new notebooks. In all, over 120,000 euros were donated to the Fondation Engagement Médias pour les Jeunes.

The “Cahiers Engagés” are on sale in all Leclerc supermarkets throughout France and overseas, so don’t hesitate to buy yours!